6th Avenue Talent is a boutique SAG-AFTRA franchised agency. 6th Avenue Talent is an acting and modeling agency representing talent for film, commercials, television and print. We represent talent of all ages and backgrounds and take interest developing new talent, as well as working with those who have experience in the industry.

We’re a talent agency, not a school. Therefore, we only make money when you work!

We are interested in meeting with you, we will give you an honest evaluation of your abilities in acting and/or modeling. If you are committed to starting or furthering your career in the industry we are happy to assist. We can refer those who desire training to the industry professionals they need. We will help you send your career in the direction you desire. We pride ourselves on being honest with our clients. 

A true and reputable talent agent is just that, an agent and nothing more. We do not have the time nor the interest in selling you any add-on packages like photographs/classes.
6th Avenue Talent- SAG-AFTRA Seattle Talent Agency representing Actors and Models.