Q: What is an agent? 

A: Is a person who represents talent (actors & models). An agent will send you out for auditions you are qualified for. An agent will look out for your best interests.

Q: How does an agency work?

A:  As an agency it is our job to maintain relationships with industry professionals, who are looking to use talent in a variety of projects. An agency receives casting calls from some of these professionals, that are not posted to the public. We also seek out  local projects from small businesses, and explore many other avenues in order to establish work for our talent.

Q: If I'm represented, how often will I work?

A: Just booking an audition is a big win. This is not Hollywood, therefore  it is highly unlikely that you will be working as a full time actor or model.

If you have no experience and are booking auditions 3-4 times a year, you are doing well in this market. The more experienced actor can expect to get auditions more often. It is hard to say how often you will work; while getting an audition is a win,  it is the actors job to get the callback and book the job.

Q: How do I land roles?

A: Training, dedication & rehearsal, It is your job as an actor/ model to be sharp and impressive in auditions. To truly purse a career as in the entertainment industry you must continue to train , an actors/ models training is never completed.

Q: What is expected of me in an audition?

A: Be on time which means 20 minutes early. Have your headshot with resume printed on the back in hand. Know your lines, don't practice while your in the waiting room. Always have a copy of your sides with you. Be presentable and dress appropriately. Do not play with your phone in the waiting room. In fact, it should be left in your car or turned off. Do not offer up your personal life as conversation to anyone.

If you cannot make the audition or are running late, contact us immediately.

Q: What happens after the audition?

A: If you are selected you will receive a callback. You do not need to call our agency and check, if you are called you will be notified.

If you are selected after the callback, you will most likely be put on "avail". Which means you need to be available for the dates of the project. This does not mean you are booked for the project. This means you are being strongly considered for the role.

If you are selected for the role. You will then work the project.

Q: When will I be paid?

A: Not all jobs are the same, refer to your contract.

Q: I am not a U.S. citizen, can I be represented?

A: If you have a work visa, yes. If you have a student visa, no.

Q: Do you represent children?

A: Yes, all ages

Q: What other services does the agency offer?

A:  None, we do not sell photo's or classes.

Q: Can I be represented by more than one agency?

A: No

Q: How do I contact the agency?

A: By phone at (206) 878-6505 or email us at admin@6thavenuetalent.com