I began my career in the entertainment industry as a stage mother in Los Angeles, California.

When my daughter began her career as an actor, I left everything to her agents. I quickly realized that she was not being utilized by her agency. Furthermore, the agency truly had no idea who she was and what abilities she possessed. After speaking with her acting coach, I decided to begin managing her career myself.

I began promoting and submitting her to projects. Within the first week she had an audition and a callback, for a commercial with one of the biggest companies in the US. I realized right then, that an agent can only represent you as well as they know you. I continued managing her and she continued to audition and book jobs.

I became more and more interested in the industry. After a few months, several other actors who had seen my daughter's career progress began to ask for my assistance. Before I knew it I was working full time managing actors, and I loved it!

In early 2014, I made the decision to live in Seattle full time. We searched for an agency to take on my daughter here in the Pacific Northwest, but ran into the same issues we did in Los Angeles. I wanted her to have an agent who knew her. It turned out I was that agent.

With a background in both the entertainment industry and in business as a private contractor, I made the decision to open 6th Avenue Talent! My goal is to treat every actor the same way I would treat my daughter. I want to know the strengths each person posses. I want to know them as people and not just as actors. I view my association with actors as a partnership. My goal is for us to work together on your career.

"Every actor is a welcomed new challenge, learning experience and opportunity!" - Mica Purcell/ Agent/ Owner/ President 6th Avenue Talent