The following information is to prepare you for what to expect working in with us in the talent industry. Please read this entire packet thoroughly. 





Professionalism is the most important quality that you bring to the industry.  Like any other job, you must be punctual, prepared and in professional attire at auditions and booked jobs. Additionally, it is very important to respond to as soon as possible to our requests regarding availability and bookings. This will increase your chances of obtaining employment. You must also have a positive and friendly attitude, while respecting the personal and professional boundaries of the professionals you come in contact with at auditions and on set. Please use professional demeanor in your communications at all times. Please do not discuss anything that makes you appear unprofessional or speak in an unprofessional manner.



Terms of Representation


Your contract with 6th Avenue Talent is exclusive, meaning that you may not accept employment in the talent industry without our representation. Do not solicit or accept employment directly through employers in the talent industry without our representation. This is a breach of contract. Also, do not give your personal contact information to employers in this industry.  If you are offered talent work directly, contact us immediately.



Obtaining Employment


We do not make any guarantee of employment. How much work individuals receive varies greatly.  The most important things you can do to increase your chances of being offered employment are:


  • Protect your professional reputation

Employers prefer to work with pleasant, reliable professionals


  • Respond promptly to requests

You will not be submitted for casting calls if you do not respond quickly. This is a fast paced industry and you must move quickly to attend auditions and accept work.


  • Make yourself available as much as possible

The more time you invest, the more likely you are to obtain work.


  • Don’t be overly selective when seeking or accepting work You may already have an idea of the type of work you may like to do, however most jobs would be helpful to your resume, and often jobs can lead to other jobs.


  • Keep your photos, resume and personal information current

Out-dated information can prevent you from begin offered auditions or jobs and can also result in wasted time which reflects poorly on professionalism.




Casting Calls


When a casting call comes to our agency, if you fit the role, we will contact you requesting your availability for the day of initial auditions as well as the “call back” date for a second auditions. In order to be available for a casting call you must be available for the entire day (or night) for both the initial casting call date as well as the “call back” date. If you are unsure of your full availability for those dates, please do not reply to be submitted. Once you have committed to these dates you must be available.


If you respond promptly and are available for those days we will then submit you to   the casting call. If you do not respond in a timely manner you will not be submitted. Once submitted, the casting director will select people from the submission pool. If you are selected you, we will contact you and you will then attend the first audition.  If chosen you may attend a second audition.


Please return all calls and emails from 6th Avenue Talent promptly to ensure you are not cancelled from auditions.




Although you are not paid for auditions you should not miss out on these opportunities. Auditions are just as important and booked jobs. Be on time and professional. Do not bring wardrobe options to an audition unless requested by the casting department.  Don’t forget to bring your “sides” which is the the copy of your script. Never give out your personal contact information at an audition always give out 6th Avenue Talent’s contact info.


Have fun enjoy yourself and shine!


Professionalism on Set


Respect others and try to remain as quiet as you can. Do not ask too many unnecessary question everyone is very busy, keep that in mind. Make sure you are listening at all times. It is best to keep your personal life to yourself, do not strike up personal conversations about your private life. Remember The Pacific Northwest is a small place for Actors and Models everyone knows each other and it is very important not to offend anyone in this business. Don’t offer to be hired on the side. Remember you are under contract with 6th Avenue Talent.





Your attitude can really make or break your career. A can do attitude goes a long way in this business. Remember you are not the one and only person that wants the role, and you are lucky to be at an audition or on a set. If you are disrespectful to anyone that could very well be the last time they will see you. Not all roles are starring roles if you find yourself disliking the job you are on tough it out. The next job they offer might be one you love.


  • Always be positive
  • Never ask for autographs
  • Never distract others who are working
  • Have fun




Appearance number one thing to remember is that you should look like your photo! Keep all resumes and photographs up to date. If you dye your hair or cut your hair beard or mustache we need a new picture up on your profile. When you show up for auditions you need to look like your picture. That is the person that has been requested.




Tips for wardrobe most clients will provide you with wardrobe when on set.

If you are asked to bring wardrobe follow the instructions provided by the client.

For auditions it is a good idea to wear solid colors like blue green beige gray and other neutral tones


Try and avoid patterns, stripes,  prints, writing on clothing, holes in clothing try and avoid red black and solid white unless your audition call for these things.  Be casual


Things not to bring


  • Valuable
  • Cameras of any kind including phones
  • Friend or family (unless you are a minor under 18 then you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)
  • Anything loud
  • Drugs or alcohol ( marijuana is a drug and not welcomed at auditions or on sets)





You check in. If you’re not early your late be 20 minutes early.


Failure to appear at a booked audition can result in the termination of your contract with 6th Avenue Talent.


Be sure to bring your identification


Make sure to bring your headshot with resume printed on the back. Casting may or may not accept it but be prepared.