Acting Profiles

These are necessary for our agency to find you roles. If you do not have your profiles up we can NOT find you work.

What’s the next step?

Add 6th Avenue Talent to your contacts, both email and phone.

Make sure 6th Avenue has up to date photos resume and contact info for you at all times. We need these for some direct submissions that are done through email.

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Email your headshot and resume

(in the 6th Avenue Talent format found in your welcome packet email) to 6th Avenue Talent at and mail us a hard copy of your headshot with resume printed on the back.


Sign up for Casting Networks  

Or you can go to casting networks at

Our agency code is 43fd0f1


Sign up for Casting Frontier  

  1. Pick Pacific Northwest for location.
  2. Sign up as an ACTOR not an extra.
  3. Make sure you select 6th Avenue Talent as your agency.
  4. Fill in everything you can on your profile the more you have the better your chances of being called.
  5. It is best not to exaggerate be honest.
  6. Remember to upload your headshot with basic profile. There is a fee to change your headshot so

don’t use a bad picture of yourself and think this is good for now.

  1. Get a good picture up IT’S IMPORTANT!
  2. Remember if you work a job update your resume and make sure you always have a recent picture, you need to look like that picture when you show up to an audition or for a job.



Sign up for Actors access 

You may need to call to set up your account

Make sure all profiles are fully filled out or we will have a hard time submitting you for work.